A great way to get happier customers is by mapping out the customer journey to understand the customers and their engagement better. In our blog post about the situations where automation is not the right way forward, we discussed the importance of focusing on customer needs and what they want. Here we’re exploring the subject further.

Creating a customer journey map

To better understand what your customers want, a great start is to study the customer journey. A customer journey map visualizes how customers communicate with you. It makes it easier for you to understand them, their main challenges, and of course, what you can do to help them.

That can give you valuable insight into the different stages involved in claims management. You will be able to see patterns and what tasks are joined by several customers. Something that will prove helpful when automating processes. You can also use tools to track the customers online and map out their current customer journeys.

4 main advantages of a customer journey map

  1. See how you can increase customer loyalty and engagement.
  2. Map out where structured data is to be collected.
  3. Get a better picture of what processes should be automated.
  4. Find problem areas that should be reviewed.

Using the insights from the customer journey map

After creating your customer journey map, you’ll have the valuable information you need to take the next step. That is to evaluate the information and decide what methods, technologies, and processes will be the most effective to improve claims management. Could AI be the way forward, or mainly an intelligent platform providing the sturdy cloud environment you need? If you’re looking to scale up shortly, you’re going to need effective APIs, as well.

The winning recipe to a good claims process

If you provide a good, efficient claims experience, as friction-free as possible, you’ll also get happier and loyal customers that want to stay connected to you. The customers want an easy process, often with innovative tech, and many prefer getting personal support. But as an insurer, you’re also looking for an intelligent, cost-efficient automated process, right? What you need to do is to combine these two.

Mavera’s DSS provides an efficient and accurate claims management process with the help of AI technology and the possibility to get independent medical advice. That creates a transparent customer experience, where you can meet your customer’s desires along the way.

Let’s get digital!

We’ll take you through how an insurance company of the future should operate to create a more efficient and secure process and increase customer engagement.