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Digitizing personal claims management

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We believe the insurance industry, and more specifically, personal claims handling needs to go digital as soon as possible. Let us show you why and how to do it.

Inefficient processes and lack of security are some of the challenges connected to personal claims management. An automated process with the right digital tools, like a Decision Support System, is the way forward, with benefits, such as gaining statistics, insights, and gaining structured data.

In this white paper, we’ll take you through how an insurance company of the future should operate to not only create a more efficient and secure process but also increase customer engagement.

This white paper will give you insights into:

  • Major trends that transform the insurance industry
  • Crucial benefits of digitizing personal claims handling
  • How to start collecting data with every claim
  • What specifics you should look for in insurance software  

We hope you enjoy the guide!

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About Mavera

Mavera is an insurtech company. We believe that everyone is entitled to fair and efficient personal claims assessments. Our Decision Support System helps our customers access information, data and medical expertise – all in one place. This is how we support well-informed decisions. 

Our customers include leading insurance companies, legal representatives, and committees. Read more at