Digitizing Personal Claims Management

Managing personal claims is an extensive and meticulous process that must be done right every time. Utilizing digital tools and data will make the process more efficient and minimize the risks of mistakes.

In this video, we give a brief introduction to:

  • Why digitalization is necessary to personal claims management
  • Pros and cons with developing your own IT structure or licensing an external platform
  • What to keep in mind when digitizing personal claims management
  • A short introduction to Mavera
Digitizing Personal Claims


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Why personal claims must get digital

Personal claims management isn’t always the insurance companies’ highest priority. We meet insurance companies where the personal claims adjusters still work with piles of papers, scanners, post-send-outs, and huge excel charts.

Let us show you what personal claims can gain from digitalization.

How do you handle Medical assestments?

How to handle medical assessments for personal claims can differ a lot between different companies. Here we share the three most common approaches and point out some pros and cons to each setup.