Video - Data Security

Your data is in good hands

Compliance is essential for our customers, especially when handling sensitive and personal information that belongs to their clients. At Mavera, we take information security extremely seriously and constantly assess and improve our service and processes to ensure that we continue to deliver excellent service to our customers.

We are ISO 27001 certified, which means that we have several policies and instructions in place to control and manage our information security. It also includes security throughout the supply chain, including the use of sub-contractors and sub-processors.

In this video we take you through our five security areas:

  • Internet security
  • Physical security
  • Application security
  • Best practice and legal security
  • Operational Security

It's not a secret, but it's only for friends.

In this video, we share some information about how our data is protected. Naturally, we are proud of our secure setup, but we like to know who watches it. Fill in your information to access the video.