External Medical Assessments

The Mavera Network of medical advisors

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We hold the largest network of medical advisors, and it is continuously expanding.

Independence is the key in our offering, and we never influence their decisions. Therefore, we contract them only for the time they work and never for what their assessment is. They are also randomly assigned to the cases.

To keep our 48h assessment standard, our ambition is to have multiple medical advisors in every discipline and language. Having so also enables second opinions.

To maintain our high-quality assessments, we have a strict process for recruiting and onboarding new medical advisors.

The recruitment often starts with us headhunting them, or they sign up at our website. We interview them and control their references and experience. They must have worked in their specialist area for at least five years and still be clinically active. Our requirements vary slightly depending on the market and if they, for example, have local regulations. But it is always an individual evaluation that determines if we think that they will fit our network or not. If they pass, we onboard them to their new assignment and introduce them to the platform.

Our quality team consists of experienced personal claims specialists, nurses, and lawyers. All new medical advisors’ assessments are reviewed and provided with feedback during the first months until we are confident that they have fully understood their role and deliver high-quality evaluations.

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