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Join us on a journey through the key functionalities of Mavera DSS.

In this video, we show how Mavera DSS strengthens the claims handler to work more efficiently and with an increased customer focus, management to improve operational performance, and the company to collect and utilize data in innovative ways.

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Augmented case view

Claims handlers often spend more than half of their working hours reading medical records.

Mavera DSS semantically extracts data from documents and presents it in an augmented case view. Enabling the user to review cases 3x faster. 

 The augmented case view includes:

  • Structured timeline of events
  • Visual illustration of where on the body the injury has occurred.
  • All documents are sorted and categorized with hyperlinks to specific sections.

Business insights

As a claims manager or head of claims, your job is to evaluate and improve the claims process. Automate where it's possible to enable the claims handlers to make accurate decisions efficiently and with a high level of customer service and transparency.

The performance dashboards in are devided in two parts, business, and team performance helping you improve operations for better time and cost allocations.

Medical network management

Mavera DSS streamlines the process for medical assessments.
It facilitates all communication and automatically assigns claims to the medical advisor with the right competence and the shortest queue.

Injury-specific templates and question types save time and create consistency in the process. It also supports common workflows such as biased verification, second opinions, and request for additional motivation from a medical advisor.

Medical advisors

Discover the largest network of medical advisors in the Nordics. Ensure you always have a certified specialist doctor ready for your claims.

We offer specialist assessments with a standard assessment time of less than 48 hours.