As a claims manager or head of claims, your job is to evaluate and improve the claims process. Automate where it's possible to enable the claims handlers to make accurate decisions efficiently and with a high level of customer service and transparency.

Data in Mavera DSS enables performance management for optimizations and better time and cost allocations. We are continually building new dashboards to provide you with new insights about your claims management and organization.

Let's look at what information you get from Mavera Performance Dashboards.

It's divided into two parts, business, and team performance.

Business Performance

This dashboard allows you to get a quick overview of business productivity and health.

Evaluations by injury types

Learn how your evaluations divide over time and injury types, which helps you plan your resource allocation.

Disability % by specialist area

A high degree of disability often correlates with high pay-out costs; this indicates what types of claims drive your costs.

Evaluations by specialist area

It shows in what specialist areas you request most medical assessments. This information shows you where you have the most complex claims and guides new medical advisors that you recruit.

Team performance

How's your claims team doing? Overview their performance and get valuable insights to improve your claims process.

Evaluations < 5 % disability per claims handler

This report shows the distribution of claims above and below 5% disability that the team has sent for medical evaluations.

As you can view claims below 5% as simpler, some insurers have initiatives where the claims adjusters should make desktop assessments on those. This report can help you follow up on that.

Average evaluation time

This report shows the average evaluation time per claims handler and medical specialty. It can indicate that some users need to prepare their requests better, leading to longer evaluation times.

Supplementations requested per claims handler

The number of supplementations requested per claims handler also indicates if the requests need to be better prepared, resulting in the medical advisor asking for a supplementation.

Evaluations requested by claims handlers

Last we see the number of evaluations requested per claims handler. This data may give you an indication of who handles the most complex claims.

Want to know more? 

Please contact us with any questions or if you need help setting up your Performance Dashboards in Mavera DSS.

P.S. Note that this is only the beginning, and we are developing more reports with our customers. By integrating Mavera DSS with the claims system, some of these reports can say even more with aggregated data.