Roine Gabrielsson, CEO and Johan Larsson, CPO at Mavera.

Insurtech company Mavera is launching
new functionality today aimed at significantly reducing insurance companies' treatment costs for health insurance. Developed in collaboration with Mavera's clients, to streamline their processes for reviewing treatment requests and improve collaboration with caregivers.

As more Europeans opt for health insurance, the need for efficient tools to manage and assess treatment requests is growing. Mavera addresses this demand by offering a solution that helps insurance companies utilize AI to identify potentially medically un-motivated treatments and generate data for follow-up with healthcare providers.

"Our mission is to enable insurance companies to make more accurate and efficient decisions, and this launch is fully aligned with that," explains Johan Larsson, Chief Product Officer at Mavera.

"With AI, we can streamline the manual review of treatment requests, reducing unnecessary costs and promoting higher standards of care."


Together with Mavera's extensive network of medical advisors, the new features facilitate the swift and accurate assessment of thousands of medical inquiries, resulting in significant cost savings and improved patient safety.

"The new functionality is the result of close collaboration with our clients, who are leaders in health insurance," says Roine Gabrielsson, CEO of Mavera.

"We've already seen how companies can achieve substantial savings on treatment costs while enhancing patient safety."

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