With release of Decision Support System (DSS) Premium Edition, Sweden-based InsurTech Mavera enables European insurers to automate the medical assessment of personal injury claims with greater precision and efficiency

STOCKHOLM, 6 June 2023 — Insurers in Europe can process personal injury claims accurately and three times faster with the release of the Premium edition of Mavera’s enhanced claims management platform, Mavera Decision Support System (DSS). Mavera, an InsurTech based in Sweden, is owned by Verisk (Nasdaq: VRSK), a leading global data analytics and technology provider.


Mavera’s DSS Premium Edition leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze unstructured data in medical documents and provide a categorized overview of each claim. The augmented case view includes a timeline of all events extracted from medical records, allowing claims handlers and medical advisors to read up on cases faster and significantly reduce errors. The system’s new and improved dashboards also provide upgraded customer insights and improved control and management of claims.

We have realised for quite some time that AI will redefine claims handling as we know it, “said Mavera CEO Roine Gabrielsson. “With the release of Premium Edition, we are helping insurers take an important step towards the future of claims handling. The new functionality in Mavera DSS Premium edition supports the ‘right touch” claims process, empowering claims handlers to focus on value adding activities instead of administration. This makes way for a more accurate and efficient process.”

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About Mavera

Mavera is a Swedish InsurTech company that was acquired by Verisk in 2023. Since 2008, Mavera has helped insurers streamline personal injury claims. Combining extensive industry knowledge with advanced AI technology, Mavera makes the insurance claims process more accurate, efficient and compliant. Mavera Decision Support System (DSS) enables better decision making and business reporting for its customers, who are some of Europe’s leading insurance companies.

About Verisk

Verisk (Nasdaq: VRSK) is a leading strategic data analytics and technology partner to the global insurance industry. It empowers clients to strengthen operating efficiency, improve underwriting and claims outcomes, combat fraud and make informed decisions about global risks, including climate change, extreme events, ESG and political issues. Through advanced data analytics, software, scientific research and deep industry knowledge, Verisk helps build global resilience for individuals, communities and businesses. With teams across more than 20 countries, Verisk consistently earns certification by Great Place to Work and fosters an inclusive culture where all team members feel they belong. For more, visit Verisk.com and the Verisk Newsroom.


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