Today, we are happy to announce that Mavera has new ownership in leading global data analytics provider Verisk.

 Roine Gabrielsson, CEO Mavera:

“Mavera has found a perfect match in Verisk as a digitally-driven company working to add value to the claims process for insurance organisations and policyholders alike. I look forward to working with my new Verisk colleagues to blend our digital expertise, market knowledge and desire to innovate as we collaborate to push the boundaries of insurance digital transformation in Europe.”

Olav Skowronnek, Managing Director Continental Europe Verisk:

“At Verisk, we’re always keen to support a ‘right touch’ claims process where technology and data are used to support the expertise of claims professionals – and Mavera fits directly into that mindset. We’re happy to welcome them to the Verisk team.”

If you want to read more about this, the official press release is available here.

 Press contact

Emma Hansson, CMO:,
+46 76 548 66 69

Roine Gabrielsson, CEO:,
+46 76 878 69 44