Today, Swedish insurtech company Mavera, a Verisk business, introduces new features in its decision support system, Mavera DSS. With generative AI, insurance companies can now accelerate their claims process and simultaneously improve decision quality. 

Roine Gabrielsson, CEO of Mavera, a Verisk business, states:

"Most people now recognize that AI will completely transform the personal injury claims process. We speak daily with various insurance companies and can see that the industry is truly ready for this revolution. The possibility of making the process more than 10 times faster is hard to ignore." 

Handling personal injury claims is challenging and time-consuming, often requiring a thorough review of extensive medical records. Typically, complex cases are referred to medical advisors, which is costly and time-consuming. 

Mavera DSS enables claims adjusters to make reliable assessments independently. The system uses AI to summarize the data and provide a clear overview of the claimant’s medical history in seconds. With Mavera DSS, adjusters can quickly decide if they can handle the case themselves or if they need to consult a colleague or medical advisor.


Johan Larsson, Chief Product Officer, explains:

"This is where the true power of AI shines brightest. When we demo the solution to insurance companies, it consistently creates a wow moment. Everyone involved in personal injury claims quickly realizes what a groundbreaking development this is." 

Learn more and see how it works here. 

About Mavera, a Verisk business 
Mavera, a Verisk business, is a Swedish insurtech company. Since 2008 we help insurers streamline personal injury claims. Combining extensive industry knowledge with advanced AI technology we make the insurance claims process more accurate, efficient and compliant. Mavera Decision Support System (DSS) enables better decision making and business reporting for the customers, who are some of Europe’s leading insurance companies. In 2023, Mavera was acquired by leading global data analytics provider Verisk. 

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