Having a good claims management system is crucial for any insurance company to stay competitive. As the technical development goes so quickly and different insurance types require various features, the insurer can’t have one core system that does it all. Therefore, it is common to use third-party extensions for some specific stages of the claims process, like Mavera DSS, to investigate and evaluate A&H claims. Many insurers integrate these extensions into their core system while others use them as separate tools.
As integrations require some effort from the often so busy IT department, it is excellent to use the extension separately, to begin with, while evaluating the system. But after that, integration is always recommended. Here are three reasons why.

The benefits of integrating


The first and obvious benefit of integrating the systems is the time savings. Not integrating requires duplicating a subset of the data connected to a claim; this means manual input and uploading documents from the core system.
When integrating the systems, case data and attachments are automatically transferred between the systems, and the manual copy/paste steps are removed. For the Mavera DSS, this means saving 20 minutes per case. Aggregated over thousands of cases per year that sum up to a considerable amount and a strong business case, directly improving the Claims Settlement Cycle Time and Cost per Claim metrics.


Copying and pasting information between the systems is time-consuming and opens up for errors. Typos and mixed-up attachments affect the claims error rate and can be bothersome to correct if they are found late in the process.


Even if the extension supports a GDPR compliant process, a manual process of moving the information between the systems opens for security breaches. For example, moving documents between two systems require the user to download them locally and upload them again. If any of these documents are left locally on the computer, that might break the regulations.

The solution

Using an Application Program Interface or API will solve all these issues and add considerable value. Having data automatically duplicated also reduces the risk of error and increases data integrity. Documents and other attachments are securely transferred from the core system to the extension — all in a fully GDPR compliant way.
The Mavera API is easy to integrate and supports notifications that the core system can subscribe to, enabling the core system to get messages from Mavera DSS when an update occurs in a case.
Interested to see how much you can save from an integration? Just send me an email and let’s calculate it.