Euro Accident focuses on life insurance, specializing in risk, group and healthcare insurance policies. They actively assist companies, organizations and individuals in developing their health situation. Euro Accident was founded in 1996 and now has more than 300 employees in the Nordics.

They have been Mavera customers since 2014, and recently decided to upgrade to Mavera DSS Professional Edition. We had a chat with Olof Svensson, Claims Manager at Euro Accident about this decision. 


As the insurance industry rapidly changes, access to reliable data is more important than ever. Olof explains:

“Digitalization is, of course key for the industry and for Euro Accident. Here Mavera plays a part, where we that see values such as simplicity and fast handling are getting more important to our customers. The ways of communication are changing compared to before. GDPR of course also has had an impact on how we communicate, mostly in a good way but it has also created some challenges.”


Euro Accident uses both their own medical advisors and Mavera’s network. They don’t see extending their own network as an option, as the Mavera network supplies them with all the specialist skills they need. This ensures a high standard of the assessments. Olof Svensson explains:

“Mavera’s network and system make a well-oiled machine. We know the communication between the medical advisors and our claims handlers are handled in a compliant way, which is of great comfort for us to know.

“We also value the user support where we quickly get answers to any questions. Also, the quality team is important, ensuring that the assessments are of high quality.”

 Result and next steps

Euro Accident values the depth and width of the Mavera network:

”For us, the key benefits of Mavera are the user friendly system and the variety of medical advisors in the network. Access to specialists makes our claims handling more accurate and goes in line with our desire to give our customers the best care, and as fast as possible. Also being able to easily get a second opinion if needed is highly appreciated by our Claims team. The DSS makes the whole process smoother, and keeps us from having to use encrypted emails, which would be the option,” explains Olof Svensson.

So what are the next steps?

“There is a lot we would like to do moving forward. We see increasing the level of digitalization in our process as something that would save time. Time we can use where the human touch is important. To integrate our core system with Mavera DSS would save a lot of administration and is a project we aim to do. To be honest, it is something I wish we had done already yesterday. We see immense potential efficiency gains from that, keeping us from registering essentially the same thing twice, once in each system. This is one of the reasons we chose Professional edition.”

Olof Svensson continues:

“Desktop assessments are handled outside Mavera as of now but moving forward I see that we could use historical data in the DSS as proper decision support. I am excited to see what AI functionality can add to this and am confident that this can improve the accuracy of our desktop assessments. I also see the increased access to structured data and insights in Professional edition as very exciting and valuable. It is something we want to look into more moving forward.”

Mavera is grateful for the renewed confidence, and we look forward to the next steps.