The Nordic insurance giant, Gjensidige, is a key player in the Nordic market. We had the privilege to sit down with Dan Nix, who is the Head of the Bodily Injury Department for Gjensidige in Denmark. With extensive knowledge and experience of both the Danish and Swedish insurance markets, we had a discussion around why Gjensidige chooses to partner with Mavera for medical assessments.

DAN NIX Gjensidige

Dan Nix, Head of the Bodily Injury Department for Gjensidige in Denmark

When partnership is the best option

Medical assessments is an area where Dan emphasizes the importance of collaboration and why an insurer can't do it alone. One option would be to seek medical advisors on a case-by-case basis, which would mean longer handling times and a diminished customer experience. Another option would be to exclusively use their internal doctors, but since they lack coverage in every medical specialty, this could compromise the claim's accuracy. He thinks neither of these options as viable.

"It would be next to impossible for Gjensidige to build and maintain such an extensive network as we need ourselves," he concludes.

The impact of partnering with Mavera

Reflecting on his first interaction with Mavera during his work in Gjensidige's Swedish business, Dan recalls being instantly struck by the advantages of tapping into a broad range of independent medical experts.

"I am very happy with the expertise that Mavera brings to Gjensidige's Danish business... I can tell that you put a lot of effort into managing the network and ensuring that the right competence is readily available to your customers. Also, when it comes to handling times and pricing, we are satisfied with our partnership. Through the years, Mavera has always been a good partner to us, and our collaboration has always worked really well," he shares.

To further emphasize the partnership's value, Dan discusses the need for independent medical assessments in Denmark, just like in Sweden. "I always speak very well about Mavera to my Danish industry colleagues. I see that independent assessments also play an important part here, as I know it does in Sweden. As lawyers and unions sometimes have opinions of us using internal doctors, it is invaluable to have Mavera's network of independent medical professionals review a claim."

And what about the future? Dan Nix concludes the discussion:

“For Gjensidige, customer satisfaction is the most important factor. What is important and always will be, is that the customer is treated fairly and always feel that they get the right compensation for a claim. If we can achieve this and simultaneously enhance customer engagement, it's a win-win. Mavera is definitely a part of that equation.”